Christmas Snow Globe Craft

Paper snow globe christian christmas craft
Christian Christmas Craft Paper Snow Globe
Christian Christmas Craft Paper Snow Globe

Christian Christmas Snow Globe Craft

With an onslaught of adorable and festive Christmas crafts at this time of year, I tried really hard to make a fun and interactive craft that would delight young minds and turn their thoughts to the most noble thought for Christmas – God, the creator of the universe, who came to us as a babe. 

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  • Paper and printer (use at least 100gsm/68lb)
  • Clear plastic (e.g overhead transparency, lamination pouch, recycle packaging, etc)
  • Glue stick (good quality to make sure the plastic and paper stick together)
  • Mounting tape (this is to raise the star and allow the beads and sequences to freely move around without getting trapped). 
  • “Snow” – bead, sequence, glitter, etc. 


  1. Colour and cut out. Also, cut out clear plastic to the same size as the guide.

    2. Cut short cuts on dotted lines leading to dashed circle.

    3. Neatly fold tabs you just cut inwards and over.

    4. Attach the star cut out with mounting tape over the star.

    5. Place “floaty bits” (beads, sequence, glitter, etc) in the middle of the scene.

    6. Apply glue on tabs and stick on clear plastic.

    7. Apply glue to edge of the plastic and stick on the cover of the snow globe.

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