A Crippled man lowered through a roof top

They made a hole in someones’s roof! They knew they would have to fix it, or pay for it to be fixed afterwards, but they loved their friend so much it was worth the sacrifice! 

When we’re friends with people, this is how we should be. We should look to see what we can give in the friendship, and not what we can get out of it!

Materials & Equipment

  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Colouring Tools
  • Craft Knife/exacto knife (adults only)
  • Colouring tools

Skills Needed

  • Colouring In
  • Cutting

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  • Colour in.
  • Cut out.
  • (Adults only) Use a craft knife to cut out flap in roof top
  • Add a little glue to fix blanket to cot, and glue blanket. Slide in man. 
  • Fold alone lines, apply glue on flap, and form square shape to create the base of the house. 
  • Cut along dotted lines on roof to enable you to fold. Fold and glue together. 
  • Start your role-play!! 

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