Parable of the sower craft

angle view parable of the sower paper craft for kids lesson
close up photo parable of the sower paper Bible craft for kids

Parable of the sower craft printable

Jesus used parables to help us understand the lessons he was trying to teach. In the case of the parable of the sower, he used imagery people were very familiar with.

We can use this parable to show children we can all have our own individual responses to the Word of God. 

This parable of the sower craft can be used as a tool to go through the parable and explain the four different places the seeds fell. You can ask questions like: 

– Can you see what happened to the seed that fell into the rocks? 

Then, explain how the seeds sprouted quickly, but they weren’t rooted in good soil, so they ended up fading away. And, that’s like a person who gets excited about the Word of God, or church, but didn’t establish a firm foundation in their faith and ended up fading away too. 

This Bible craft lends itself to older children, but for younger children, you could just focus on what it means to be planted in good soil, and ask them if they want to be planted in the godo soil. 

Materials & Equipment

  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Colouring Tools
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • x1 Paper Fasterner/Brad

Biblical Reference

  • Matthew 13:1–23
  • Mark 4:1–20
  • Luke 8:4–15

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  1. Colour and cut out. (Also cut the dashed line between the two black dots)
  2. Pre-fold all the fold lines. 
  3. Punch out x3 holes with a hole punch.
  4. Fold the background according to the guide. Yes, it will feel awkward and confusing, so trust the guide. 
  5. Fold tab A back on the arm and glue to the sower’s body.
  6. Insert wheat in the good soil and insert a paper fastener to keep it in place. 
  7. Glue bird into place. 
  8. Spin the wheat to watch it grow!

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